Old Punk Classic Discovered And Released On Vinyl Debuts At Beachland

Tom Eakin, also known as Tom Dark, formed The Dark back in the early 1980s when punk rock was really starting to take over the Northeast Ohio underground scene. The band included his brother Scott Eakin on bass, the late drummer Dave Araka, a veteran of many punk bands, and guitarist/vocalist Robert Griffin, best known for Prisonshake and his indie label Scat Records. Eakins later formed Knifedance (late 80s) and Stepsister (90s). His latest band is Black Static Eye.

The Dark’s releases were limited to some compilations during their lifetime; they broke up shortly after recording the album in 1984 (they were managed by the surly Mike Hudson of the Pagans, which probably didn’t help their career, but solidified their legend). Now they are releasing this album with some extra tracks on vinyl for the first time. corpse dressing includes 17 tracks recorded between 1981 and 1984, including live tracks, demos and recordings of WRUW-FM radio broadcasts, as well as four newly discovered recordings. Most of them are short bursts of pure punk energy, although one logs in for over five minutes.

The Tom Dark Band will celebrate the release of the new album with a performance at the Beachland Tavern, where they will be joined by Tuffed Puffins (featuring veterans of the 80s and 90s punk scene from Northeast Ohio), Kill the Hippies and Muzzle. .


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