Mesquite residents to deliberate over tax rate hike at Town Halls

In response to growing community concerns, the City of Mesquite has organized two Town Hall Tuesday sessions, aiming to provide a platform for residents to discuss the upcoming Tax Rate Election, Dallas Metro News reported.

The first gathering will take place at 6:30 p.m. on September 26th at the Florence Recreation Center, located at 2501 Whitson Way. The follow-up session is scheduled for the same time, 6:30 p.m., on October 10th, but at a different locale: the Rutherford Recreation Center, found at 900 Rutherford Drive.

This initiative was spurred by recent surveys showing that a majority of residents identify street maintenance and public safety as top concerns for the city in the next five years. Notably, 66% of respondents highlighted the importance of maintaining city roads, while 64% emphasized the quality of police and fire services as a primary concern.

Last August, the Mesquite City Council unanimously approved the city’s budget for 2023-24. This financial plan outlines a comprehensive approach, addressing not only infrastructure improvements but also increasing law enforcement resources. Additionally, the budget plans for the establishment of a new fire station with appropriate staffing and equipment, and the creation of a new Behavioral Health Division.

To support these endeavors, an increase in the city tax rate is necessary—specifically, an addition of $0.03186 per $100 of ad valorem value. Because this proposed rate exceeds the 3.5% state-mandated cap, it requires voter approval. Thus, residents will vote on Proposition A, listed on the November 7 ballot. For those who wish to vote early, the process begins on October 23.

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