Pickle and Social and The Picklr: Expanding the Pickleball landscape in Dallas

In a fascinating turn of events highlighting the nation’s growing passion for pickleball, both Pickle and Social and The Picklr have shared plans to extend their presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

Set to be located in Frisco Station—a vast 242-acre multi-purpose complex in the blossoming community north of Dallas—Pickle and Social envisions being a comprehensive recreational center, according to Dallas Metro News. Beyond merely housing indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, this venue is set to offer an array of relaxation pursuits, from a putting green and beach volleyball spaces to diverse yard activities and ping-pong zones. The groundbreaking is anticipated for spring 2023, with doors opening to the public by spring 2025.

Intriguingly, this expansive project will kick off near Fairway Social, another hub dedicated to golf and varied athletic activities. The collaboration of these sites promises to redefine the entertainment horizon in an area already brimming with diverse leisure choices.

“As one of the fastest growing cities in America, it’s fitting for Frisco to become a destination for pickleball,” Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney commented.

“Our residents have expressed a strong desire for more pickleball facilities. Given our community’s dynamic nature, I have no doubt this venture will resonate with both locals and tourists. This new addition will seamlessly align with the ongoing development at Frisco Station.”

Simultaneously, The Picklr, hailing from Utah, unveiled its aggressive nation-wide expansion blueprint this week. This indoor pickleball establishment plans to launch six new facilities, strategically positioned in Austin and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Details concerning exact launch dates for the Dallas-Fort Worth venues remain undisclosed at present.

“In coming on board to expand The Picklr, our new partners see the value of making this sport accessible and enjoyable to people across the country,” mentioned Jorge Baargan, the brainchild and top executive of The Picklr.

“The Picklr distinguishes itself with premium amenities and a distinct community spirit, resonating with everyone fortunate to be associated with The Picklr, be it as a member, participant, or our recent franchise partners.”

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