Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan unveils the city’s new logo during an address to Congress.

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan unveiled the city’s new logo during his speech Wednesday morning: a rubber worker holding a tire.

Horrigan called it “the last piece I leave to the city of Akron” and “a new, modern city logo that I believe represents the most important thing about Akron, the most important thing: its people.”

The banner-shaped logo shown at the end of the promotional video played at the end of Horrigan’s address, narrated by Horrigan and produced by Pritt Entertainment Group, is a silhouette of a tire and rubber worker in white on an orange background with “Akron” written on it. in white letters at the bottom on a blue background and the entire banner with a blue outline.

“The Acronites help each other. We work together and stand up for the little guy,” Horrigan says in the video. “We are determined, persistent, inventive and passionate. We take risks and learn all our lives. It’s in our DNA. It has always been so. Akron without you.”

The rubber worker in the logo is of the same design as the 15-foot-tall bronze statue of the rubber worker at Main and Mill Streets. It was modeled after a 1920s tire manufacturer on the cover of Wheel of Fortune, a book by former Beacon Journal authors David Giffels and Steve Love.

Dan Horrigan State of the City:City of Akron to Celebrate Buchtel and Hoban Basketball Championships with Parade Sunday

The city’s logo was created by the city’s chief of communications and media, Jake Bell.

“I think it’s very hard for me to run away from who you are,” Horrigan replied to Love Akron moderator and CEO Kemp Boyd when asked why the rubber worker was chosen as the city’s new symbol. “We didn’t necessarily want to shake up who we are… It’s not just about being part of a tire. It’s just a whole, we create and we fix things and we fiddle with them and then we make others. things. This is us. And I think it was pretty symbolic to use it.”

During his performance on Wednesday, Horrigan also announced a downtown parade at 2:00 pm on Sunday to celebrate the championship wins of the Buchtel and Hoban high school boys’ basketball teams.

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