IndiGG Announces $200,000 Esports Championship

IndiGG, one of the leading regional gaming DAOs, has announced a $200,000 web3 gaming championship. The IndiGG Web3 Championship started in Bangalore and will take place in cities such as Pune, Kolkata, North Carolina, Chennai and Dhaka before ending with the grand final in November 2023.

Venture X Gaming is the lead sponsor and the first games played Thetan Arena And

The event began with an intra-college competition among 64 Bangalore colleges, which ended with the selection of the top eight teams. Eight teams then advanced to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. The championship then ended with the country’s best gaming authorities competing against each other in an exhibition match.

All matches were broadcast live on YouTube, and the entire event managed to gain over a million views.

Along with the web3 championship, IndiGG also launched its own esports reputation program. As part of the program, athletes will maintain a public log of their performances. Teams, coaches and sponsors can use this data to evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of players in their adaptation.

Players will be rewarded with badges reflecting their online reputation, including Proof-of-Participation badges, Proof-of-Victory badges, and Proof-of-Watch badges.

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