Introducing the Rumble Racing Star Racing Lawnmower

4:33 Delabs, web game developer Creative Lab, has revealed the details of its lawn mower kart racing game. Rumble racing star.

Created by Beongryan Choi, Disney designer. ZIPI Racing and Nexon Crazy racing kartthe arcade title will run on the Polygon blockchain.

In-game NFTs will allow players to customize their karts, drivers, and profile pictures, but will not provide any direct advantage in racing, as non-NFT karts will have their own equally powerful upgrades, modifications, and cosmetics as NFT-based ones.

Rumble racing star however will support third party NFT collections such as Goblintown, y00ts, A BABY named BEAST, Killabears And bizarre using their images as playable characters. Owners of these collections will also receive unique in-game benefits.

Hands-On PC Demo Rumble racing stager will be available to all Game Developers Conference 2023 attendees at the Polygon booth on March 23-24.

In addition to the game, Delabs is launching their own NFT Adventure Pass on April 6 via whitelisting. These NFTs will provide their owners with lifetime access to benefits across all Delab games, including Early Access, exclusive in-game items, a Season Pass Exchange Ticket, and access to real events and limited metrics.

The minting of Adventure Passes will begin on April 6 on the official Delabs website, with the start of the whitelist sale.

You can get more information from Rumble racing star Web site.

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