Degen Zoo Switches to BNB to Avoid ETH Gas Spending

Still appreciate the attention after a very dirty Logan Paul. CryptoZoo project, charity game Zoo Degen is going to switch from Ethereum to BNB in ​​the next seven days.

The reason for the move became known project twitterstating that “people’s impact of NFT ETH is negligible compared to gas fees, which is why we’re moving.”

On Wednesday, DAO Maker and founder of Degen Zoo Chris Zaknun explains further that “the game costs about $35 for [egg] hatch our users pay for no reason. Instead of waiting longer, we quickly adapted right at the start of the game.”

The linking of DZOO token on Ethereum to wDZOO on BNB is being processed to start soon, and $BNB will be sent out to users as relocation compensation. Zoo Degen hopes this move will lead to more players entering the game from the start. Another measure is to reduce the amount of bets, which means more users will be able to bet on eggs.

Zaknun goes on to state how grateful he is for the 205 dedicated players the game has had on Ethereum so far, but ends by noting that “Killing, hatching, and getting eggs in ETH will no longer be enabled.”

History of Degen Zoo

Starting with a joke from the DAO Maker developers, Zoo Degen was inspired by the hype and failure of the seemingly discontinued CryptoZoo.

Zoo Degen the website and white paper went live five days later, but the project was still considered a joke by the team. However, the community saw them as something more, which prompted them to create a real blockchain game in 30 days, with all declared profits going to animal charities.

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