Back when Meghan Markle with her “written down” archetypes gave Joe Rogan centuries of experience, tough competition

Of all the royal events that marked December 2022, there has been a major win for the Sussexes in almost all of their global projects. While all of their work has been heavily criticized, Meghan Markle and her Spotify podcast win smashed it all in style. However, not only the royal audience, but also coldly treated some of the previous giants of the industry.

In doing so, he left behind famous Hollywood star podcasts likee Jason Bateman “Smart Brainless”what became the main news was his victory over another well-known podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Long before claiming to be the best podcast of the year, Meghan Markle archetypes had already ahead of the US leader back in August.

According to Deadline, the same day, it was revealed how the royal episodes soared on the US charts, overtaking two critically acclaimed podcasts to number one. While he was pushing the leading giant, The Official Game of Thrones Podcast to the third place The Joe Rogan Experience fell to second place with Archetype as the number one show in terms of streaming.

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Not only in the US, but because of its association with the United Kingdom, for obvious reasons, “Archetypes” also made headlines in the UK. In addition, the Duchess’s mind-blowing anti-stereotypical discussions were heard far away in Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

How did Meghan Markle’s ‘Archetypes’ reach heights?

What attracted attention was the presence of world famous personalities who discussed sensitive topics with the Duchess. Markle’s podcast garnered a huge audience as it was boldly aimed at declaring the basic and fundamental rights of women. From the very first session to the very last, Markle strived to break the stereotypes about women in modern society in order to make this world a better place to live. While Meghan Markle brought Canada’s first lady to the setshe has also welcomed celebrities such as Trevor Noah, Paris Hilton and the world athlete Serena Williams in the first episode.

Archetypes also won the People’s Choice Podcast of the Year award due to its successful record. However, despite all the fame and glory, angry viewers could not resist criticizing the podcast. It was also rumored that all of Markle’s sessions were scripted.

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