Many online users cannot help but laugh at the businesswoman’s interaction with her grandson, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., after he writes song lyrics underneath his post.


Fans Crack Up After Tina Knowles Gets Concerned With Instagram Caption of Solange's Son

Tina Knowles-Lawson got concerned with the Instagram caption of her grandson, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. However, once the businesswoman left a comment underneath his post, many online users couldn’t help but laugh at it.

Julez, who is the son of {c=Solange Knowles], shared a photo of himself taken from behind. “Separated from hell by 1 degree,” he penned in the accompanying message. “ima live forever like Walt Disney frozen yogurt Disney.”

Upon learning of Julez’s message, Tina took to the comment section to reply, “What does that mean? [a red heart emoji].” The 18-year-old then responded, “it’s a song grandma.”

A number of people found the interaction amusing. One person in particular jokingly wrote, “Grandmothers need to stay off social media lol sue probably was bout to call the pastor.” Another quipped, “Don’t make Mama Tina FaceTime you.”

A different user chimed in, “Grammy said NOT TODAY SATAN! Y’all know damned well Hell is a trigger word. And we all know grandmas thinking we living in our last days too?! Aht Aht She ain’t havin it!” Someone else then added, “This why I block family. Cause don’t come questioning me.”

This arrived months after Julez got roasted on social media for sharing a snippet of his music. In a clip he posted on his TikTok account, the teenager could be seen sitting in what looked like a studio.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses and an Homme hoodie, he rapped over the beats, “I had to pack that heat/ She kept showing all the signs, but kept disturbing all my peace/ I’m trying to feed the game to n***as, but they always think it’s sweet.” He continued, “Just like Future said a while ago, the feds just did a sweep/ F**k the London drip, we gone get our clothes shipped out from Greece.”

Unfortunately, many were put off by his arguably mediocre music. “He has too many resources for his music to be sounding like that,” one person opined. “It’s a hard NO for me,” another reacted.

Some others suggested Jay-Z, the husband of Julez’s auntie Beyonce Knowles, take him under his wings. They wrote comments like “Jay-Z come get yo nephew” and “Uncle Jay !!! Come help your nephew.” A fifth user claimed, “Blue ivy could do better.”

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