‘There’s been a shift’ – Sadie Sink once revealed how ‘The Whale’ changed her roleplay in Stranger Things Season 4

Sadie Sink in the movie The Whale

It would be undeniable if we said that Sadie Sink made a splash in the penultimate season very strange things. Max Mayfield was the one who alerted the other characters to the existence of the evil sorcerer Vecna. This season was a breakthrough moment for this young actress, when she perfectly portrayed all the emotions that the heroine carried in herself. From dealing with the death of her brother to overcoming the hardships of a broken house, she had to face many things. And it’s not an exaggeration to say that fans literally felt the grief and trauma she went through. Many wondered what gave the American star such credibility that she put on such a flawless performance. But do you know her role in WHALE was the inspiration for this great season 4 contribution?

In November 2022, Sadie Sink sat backstage to talk about the psychological drama. WHALE and her fast-paced career. During the conversation, she stated that her role as an estranged teenage daughter gave her the chance to embody Max’s grief in the most striking way.. Everything is too good the star tested the limits of her talent to the extreme, something she had never done before, and Sink had completely transformed by the time filming began. very strange things.

“There was a shift; something clicked. It gave me a confidence that has stayed with me ever since.” explained the 20-year-old. Moreover, she also talked about how the character of Max was an important part of her life. street of fear the star has been working on it for so many years that it constantly pops up in her head.

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Keith proved that Sadie Sink is an unshakable talent

If you have already watched WHALE, which premiered in US theaters on February 3, 2023, you can be blown away by her performance. Even Oscar-winning actor Brendan Fraser agrees with us after he worked with her on this movie.. During a conversation after the Parade screening at the Roxy Cinema in New York, he talked about his talented co-star.

“Well, as it turns out, Sadie Sink has an incredible game, and every day I sat in the front row and watched her win the game.” he remarked. The 54-year-old star was surprised by the rage she so maturely embodied and skillfully approached the character.

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