‘Dirty Business’ Fans Baffled by Upcoming Resident Evil 4 Anime Remake

Games, movies and series; resident Evil saw it all. While fans are still unsatisfied with the adaptation, they now don’t know how to react to the upcoming Resident Evil 4 anime series. While some of them are happy about it, others are not. But why are they confused?

Generally, we assume that anime series are for children and their entertainment. But the upcoming anime series is not for them. According to GameSpot, the game gets a nice spin-off right before the game’s release. Spin-off titled Leon and the mysterious village stars Leon Kennedy. Although it has a very cute and charming introduction, it is not at all for children.

In the first series, viewers will see a younger and more armed Kennedy. His adventure begins when he stumbles upon a village inhabited by deadly inhabitants. And his adventure will end with the fact that the unlucky government agent will block the ax with his head. The images are grotesque but charming.

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This won’t be the first time Capcom has been having fun with the series. Because a little before the launch of the game, the company licensed a terrifying puppet show for marketing purposes. With a release on March 24, fans aren’t sure the adaptation will hold the same promise.

Fans have mixed opinions about the Resident Evil 4 anime spin-off.

Having not received satisfaction from previous adaptations, the fandom is not experiencing the expected hype for a spin-off.

Although fans thought it was a fan teaser, they couldn’t believe it was official. Others expressed their excitement, while many of them were not interested. Rather, the spin-off received an unexpected reception.

Resident Evil is a Japanese horror game series that has a huge fan base around the world. The game defines the survival horror genre and brings zombies back into popular culture. The game is known for its story, gameplay, graphics, voice acting and characters. While these fans have their own opinions about the anime spin-off, we would also like to know your opinion.

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What do you think about it? Are you a game fan? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Dirty Business Post – Fans confused about the upcoming Resident Evil 4 anime remake have made their first appearance on Netflix Junkie.

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