Valoi easy35 attaches negative to digital converter to existing lenses

As long as it is It is possible to convert film negatives to digital image files with a digital SLR, but this can be quite a hassle. The Valoi easy35 is designed to make the task a lot easier as it mounts directly to your camera’s macro lens.

Usually, if photographers want to convert analog negatives to digital, they either send them to a lab, buy a flatbed scanner, or photograph them with their DSLR.

In the latter process, the negatives are usually placed on a light box, which is viewed from top to bottom by a rigidly mounted camera. However, it may take some effort to align the negatives and the camera accurately, plus there is a possibility that other light sources in the room may be reflected on the surface of the negatives.

This is where easy35 comes to the rescue.

Invented by Finnish entrepreneur Arild Edward Bosmo, it consists of a box containing diffused LED illumination and a film shutter to hold the negative, which is connected to a third-party macro lens via a series of aluminum tubes. Needless to say, the lens is mounted on a user’s DSLR or other digital camera with interchangeable lenses.

When using the device for the first time, users connect the number of tubes needed to provide the correct focal length for the particular lens being used. After that, you just need to turn on the backlight of the box, rotate the box until its film shutter is horizontally within the camera’s viewfinder, then advance the negatives through this shutter and take pictures of them.

The Easy35 should work with most third party macro lenses.
The Easy35 should work with most third party macro lenses.


According to Bosmo, the negatives lie perfectly flat and parallel to the camera’s image sensor, there is no vignetting, reflections are not a problem, and the entire frame of each image is covered.

As the name suggests, the easy35 is designed for use with 35mm negatives. However, there are plans to offer an adapter in the future that will allow scanning of 35mm slides. The LEDs were chosen with this functionality in mind as they can be set to a warm color temperature for slides (which are meant to be projected with a tungsten lamp) or a cool color temperature for negatives.

In case you’re wondering, the Valoi easy35 is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. If it goes into production, you’ll get it for a $149 deposit. The planned retail price is $214.

This is demonstrated in the next video.

SHAFT easy35 || IndiGoGo

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