American Airlines will operate 1,600 fewer flights out of DFW in March, spring breakers to plan their trips ahead

Fort Worth, Texas – Dallas and Fort Worth spring breakers who plan to travel in March should plan their trips ahead and warned of fewer flights this spring season after American Airlines announced they will operate with reduced schedule in the upcoming period.

According to the company officials, American Airlines will operate 1,600 fewer flights out of DFW in March, which is 52 less a day than originally planned.

Dallas Morning News aviation reporter Kyle Arnold said that the reduction comes as a result of lower demand, staffing issues and a Boeing production delay.

Arnold added that the reduced schedule in the upcoming period might be a bigger issue compared to the winter cancellations due to staffing shortages pointing out that a total of 40,000 flights are expected to be cancelled during March.

American Airlines spokesperson on Wednesday said that the cancelled flights should not be an issue for travelers since the number of canceled flights is just a small portion of the overall flights.

“American will operate more than 5,400 peak daily departures systemwide in March, offering the most daily departures than any other major U.S. network carrier and more flights than American’s 2021 March schedule.

Our team has worked to ensure any impacts are minimal, and has proactively contacted affected customers to provide alternate travel options that most closely align with their original travel itinerary. We thank our customers for their understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.”

The reduced number of flights might cause price increase especially for the most popular spring break destinations, but can also force some travelers to choose a flight with an additional stop instead of a non-stop flight.

In order to avoid unplanned delays, higher prices and reduced options, experts advise passengers to book their flights on time.

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