Governor Abbott rallies supporters at Texas Capitol

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has promised to expand support for private schools if Senate Bill 8, which would grant up to $8,000 in taxpayer money per student for private schooling through an education savings account, is passed. The bill is set to be discussed in a Senate committee hearing. Speaking at a recent rally in the rain, Abbott rallied a crowd of around 200 supporters to promote school choice.

Abbott argues that students who leave public schools under his plan will perform better, as would the schools they leave. He has spent recent months traveling the state to advocate for school choice, monitoring school curricula and other parental rights issues at “parent empowerment” nights.

“Educational crack babies” are being created because children with learning challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia, and autism fall through the cracks of the education system, according to Larry Romine, a principal at River City Christian School in San Antonio.

Abbott also claims that the current public school system is pushing a “woke” agenda onto students, adding that education is for learning, not indoctrination. Religious Jews, who want to provide religious instruction to their children, are also supportive of Abbott’s approach.

Although Republicans control the Legislature, SB 8 faces an uncertain future in the House. Rural Republicans like state Rep. Ken King, R-Canadian, oppose the measure. Advocates for expanding support for private schools hope to snag support to push the bill through.


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