Two Fort Worth School District employees died of Covid-19 this week, FWISD official confirms

Fort Worth, TX – While the Texas school districts are still fighting with the state officials over the mask mandates in the school districts across the state, more and more students are getting infected and most recently, two Fort Worth School District employees died of Covid only this week.

The information was confirmed by Fort Worth ISD official.

As we already reported, Fort Worth ISD implemented mask mandate on Monday which lasted only for a few hours after court ordered them to cancel the mandate in the noon hours the same day.

On Tuesday, the Fort Worth ISD school board held a meeting to get an update about the district’s “safe return to learning.”

During the meeting, district officials released the latest COVID-19 case numbers and answered questions from board members.

Board member Roxanne Martinez asked if there had been any deaths among employees and students from COVID-19, to which assistant superintendent Michael Steinert answered that there had been two employees who died from the coronavirus this week.

No further details were released about the employees.

The district reported there were just under 1,000 active COVID-19 cases, 734 among students and 192 among employees, as of September 10. That accounted for 1% of the student population and 1.7% of the district’s employees.

There were also 4,873 active student quarantines and 411 employee quarantines.

Since August 10, the district reported there have been 12,177 students who have tested positive or who have had close contact with someone who tested positive on or off campus.

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