Rep. Lauren Bobert suggested that God used her to oppose “demons”, including “the speaker of the House of Representatives”.

  • Rep. Lauren Bobert told the crowd that God could use them to stand before “demons” or the “Speaker of the House.”
  • Bobert, although she was embarrassed about which Speaker of the House she was talking about, tried to block McCarthy’s proposal.
  • Bobert had previously referred to religion and politics, saying that “the church should control the government”.

Republican Party spokeswoman Lauren Bobert discussed “confronting demons,” including “the speaker of the House of Representatives.”

Boebert, who was re-elected in November in an unexpectedly tough race, was speaking at a women’s conference held at a church in Dallas, Texas over the weekend when she made the comment.

“Ladies, I know you’re on fire for God,” the Colorado congresswoman said, according to an excerpt from a speech shared by the liberal GAC. PatriotTakes.

“God is using you in a mighty way. Maybe he will make you clench your fists and stand in front of some demons — maybe the Speaker of the House of Representatives,” she continued, drawing laughter and applause from the audience. As the crowd subsided, she added, “I also went against Nancy Pelosi, so no one knows what I really meant, for the record, when they try to print it.”

—PatriotTakes (@patriottakes) February 6, 2023

Whether she meant Pelosi or not, Bobert was among the far-right faction of Republican representatives who initially refused to support McCarthy as speaker of the new GOP majority.

After internal party negotiations and 15 ballots, McCarthy was finally elected Speaker last month, kicking off a new Congress. Bobert never voted for him, but switched her vote to “present” rather than another member, which ultimately improved McCarthy’s chances of winning.

In order to secure the Speaker’s seat, McCarthy made certain concessions to the far-right faction, although the extent of these concessions was unclear.

In her speech in church Bobert said over the weekend that she and some colleagues presented McCarthy with a “list of concessions”, but he “rejected them”.

“We started hearing lies about the meeting, that we came to ask for a personal wish list, nothing for the good of the country,” she said.

Bobert eventually landed a coveted appointment on the House Oversight Committee, the House’s top oversight body that was supposed to handle potential investigations into President Joe Biden.

A spokesperson for Bobert’s office did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Bobert has made controversial comments about Christianity and government in the past. In June, she said she was “tired of this separation of church and state junk” found in the US Bill of Rights or the first 10 amendments added to the US Constitution.

In another speech at a Christian conference in September, Bobert said “it’s time for us to take a stand, rise up, take our place in Christ and impact this nation as we have been called” and that humanity is experiencing “the last days”. .”

Andrew Whitehead, a sociologist at IUPUI and co-author of America’s Return to God: Christian Nationalism in the United States, told Insider at the time her comments were about Christian nationalist imagery associated with violence.

“The reference to the end times really feels like a call to action and, in a way, a rallying cry,” Whitehead said, adding: “A lot of the imagery of these end times is about violence and elation and descent into chaos in society.”

Bobert has been accused of promoting Christian nationalism, or a belief that Christianity should have a privileged position in the US, but denied being a Christian nationalist.

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