Fort Worth’s MedStar EMS has hard times due to the increasing gas prices, the ambulance service is about to spend nearly triple what it spent in June of last year

Fort Worth, Texas – The extremely high gas prices in the last few months cause a lot of problems for everyone, including companies. Current gas prices push the overall prices and the inflation higher prompting measures which are designed to slow down the economy, but despite all the efforts, experts claim that everyone should be prepared for the upcoming period as the increasing gas prices trend is not expected to slow anytime soon.

People are forced to work more hours or seek second job, while companies have to increase the prices of the goods they sell or the services they provide in order to cover the unexpected costs they face with the current gas prices.

The Fort Worth’s MedStar is among the companies that have hard times to cover the increased expenses for gas since they operate with 50 vehicles in the area. Per reports, the ambulance service said for June 2022 it’s on track to spend nearly triple what it spent in June of last year.

“Right now it’s like hold on tight let’s see where it takes us,” John Hamilton, an operations supervisor with MedStar, said.

According to Hamilton, MedStar reportedly spent $235,000 for gas last month. Last month’s gas expenses were 245% higher compared to May 2021, when MedStar spent ‘only’ $96,000 for gas for the whole month. Hamilton added that the company expects to pay even more in June since the gas prices have increased since the beginning of the month.

MedStar services all of Fort Worth and 14 other member cities, covering more than 430 square miles using diesel fuel. While already dealing with a staffing shortage, the current average price for diesel fuel in the Fort Worth/Arlington area as of Saturday is a record $5.44.

MedStar plans their budget annually. This year, the company will exceed the budget planned for gas for several times if the current trend continues. MedStar is forced to cut on other things, like equipment, but Hamilton said that local residents should remain confident that MedStar will respond to every single call and everyone will receive proper service despite the problems they face.

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