Fort Worth police are asking for public’s help in identifying a driver involved in a deadly incident earlier this week

Fort Worth, Texas – The Fort Worth Police Department is seeking public’s help in identifying and locating the driver who was at the area close to the scene of a deadly crash earlier this week.

According to police, they are looking for a reckless driver who is believed to have been in the area along I-20, near the ramp to get on I-35 on Tuesday where one person was killed and another was hospitalized following a wreck.

The police say the driver they are looking for is possibly driving a red Dodge Charger.

The police didn’t release additional information about the deadly incident.

Anyone with information regarding the incident or the driver wanted by the police is asked to call 911 of the Fort Worth police at 817-392-4888.

Once more details are available, we will update the case.

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