As soon as he got out of a night club, Dallas man shot while in his vehicle, crashed and hospitalized

Dallas, TX – Dallas man suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized following a shooting while he was driving his car Wednesday early morning, police say.

According to the incident report, the shooting incident took place in northwest Dallas on Lombardy Lane, near Interstate 35E when the victim was driving his Mercedes and someone opened fire shooting in the vehicle numerous times.

As a result of the heavy fire, the victim was shot and he crashed into a tree right after the shooting.

The officers who responded at the scene said that the victim had left a nightclub in the area just before the shooting and he was following a friend.

That friend saw the gunshots in his rearview mirror and then saw his friend’s car go off the road.

Police didn’t release more details about the injuries, but confirmed that the man was immediately rushed to hospital for additional treatment.

There is no word about his condition as of now.

The case is under investigation. Authorities are also reviewing the surveillance cameras from the night club in an effort to find possible suspect or a motive.

Authorities said that more details will be released once the investigation about the case is over.

The identity of the victim is unknown.

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