The St. Bernard community helps a family that lost their house in a fire

ST. BERNARD, Ohio (WXIX) — A family of eight is grateful for surviving after a fire broke out at their home in St. Bernard last week.

According to the family, the fire started around 11 a.m. on March 15. It started in the microwave, destroyed the kitchen and left the house with smoke damage.

Teresa Bird says her family lived in the Baker Lane house all her life until it was destroyed by fire. She says the family’s faith and community support helped them get through it.

“You can’t go home. It’s hard,” Byrd said. “We are staying with my daughter and my other son and we have received so much love and support from everyone who is waiting for insurance to find us a place, but there is no place like home.”

Byrd says her 33-year-old son Adam has spina bifida and was microwaving something as usual. The fire started shortly thereafter, she said.

According to her, Byrd’s daughter-in-law was the first to notice this.

“It’s a miracle that the phone kept ringing. God sent her a message to come up here and check everything,” Byrd said. “Family is the most important thing. Things don’t matter. So, I don’t have my own house now. I have my son, my family and each other.”

They all escaped safely with their dog.

The devastating event brought society together.

“They are very selfless, always generous,” said Alaina Culbertson, who created an online fundraiser for the Byrds. “Always next to any other member of the community in any way they need.”

As of this writing, the fundraiser has raised over $22,000.

“Honestly, it’s nice to see how a small town like St. Bernard can pack up so quickly and be there for such a famous family that is so well cared for,” Culbertson said. “It’s a small village, but we can do a lot for each other.”

Byrd says fundraising makes her life easier.

“If the insurance doesn’t cover something or something else that they don’t cover, we know we can help,” Byrd said. “God is so good.”

She hopes that one day she will be able to pay the case up front.

“It just touches my heart and hopefully I can pass it on to other people,” Byrd said. “It’s really a miracle.”

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