The Pitch Perfect actress explains that her own experience of a toxic relationship is indeed similar to that of her character in the new film Alice Darling.

Anna Kendrick opens up about past abusive relationships and how she was made to believe she was a 'monster'

Anna Kendrick shows that her past experience of abusive relationships has affected her”Alice dearThe 37-year-old actress, who takes on the lead role in a film about a woman trapped in an abusive relationship who is the subject of an intervention staged by two of her closest friends, explained that she had been psychologically abused in a past relationship and said, that her former partner convinced her that she was a “monster”.

“That was a big part of my problem. “Well, he never hit me” and I’m not really afraid that he’s going to hit me. How do I differentiate normal conflict from abuse? Why is my body so scared? Why do I wake up feeling like he’s in bed next to me and think, “OK, I have 30 seconds before the show starts or…?” ” she told the Los Angeles Times.

“He is so convinced that I am a monster that I do not understand why I am not one. You don’t have to believe that it can become physical for you if you feel like you’re allowed to leave, that you deserve to be treated.” better, deserve to feel safe.”

Anna also praised an unnamed friend for helping her understand her situation, much like Alice does on vacation with friends. She said: “It was the first thing that made me come back to my body in a year and a half; someone just did what they couldn’t do, that is, they told me: “You’re right, I’m sorry, you’re not crazy. I am so grateful for this person and gift [they] gave me.”

“I don’t know how to describe it other than to feel like one of those goofy computer ghosts in the 90s movies that suddenly enters back into your body, you wake up and think, “Oh my God, me.” m here. O! I’m hungry for the first time in forever. ”

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