The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency nominee wants to use DeWine’s policy director experience in his new role.

Ann Vogel, chosen by Gov. Mike DeWine as the next head of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, said she was honored to be nominated, though it still doesn’t feel like it.

“It’s a little surreal. I’m not quite used to it yet,” she said. “I am honored to continue to work with the DeWine-Husted team. It’s been a great four years and I’m very excited to continue.”

Vogel joined his administration in March 2019 as policy director. In her time, she has played a role in the development of environmental initiatives in the state, including the H2Ohio initiative launched in November 2019.

“This was a truly unprecedented effort across the state,” said Vogel, who was serving as associate director for policy at the time, “and the governor really urged the directors of his agencies to cooperate and be thoughtful about how to spend the significant investment that the General Assembly was willing to make. contribution to water quality.

Vogel, who received her law degree from Capital University and an MBA from Ohio State University, said her passion for the environment was sparked in her first environmental litigation case as a lawyer. This experience, combined with a love of nature, gave birth to a “natural interest” in protecting the environment, which only grew after traveling around Ohio and seeing how environmental issues affect the people of the state.

“I didn’t like that parts of Ohio didn’t have safe drinking water and, you know, clean septic tanks and safe sewage systems,” she said. “And you know, once you realize that and realize that you can do something about it, it’s very exciting.”

Vogel said she hopes to model the methods DeWine uses in her administration, such as hiring people from various industries to help make “thoughtful, data-driven, fact-based decisions” and continuing to visit communities to understand how to the state influences. regulations.

“There is no substitute for going out and talking to people who are affected by regulation, federal regulation, state regulation on the one hand, but also, you know, the funding opportunities that are available at the state and federal levels. she said. “So, I’m excited to get out on the road and be very accessible and very transparent in all the places the Ohio EPA touches.”

Vogel said she hasn’t yet identified additional programs she’d like to pursue if confirmed as director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, but she plans to closely monitor the funds available to the state through federal infrastructure, investment, jobs. and inflation. Reduction acts.

In a statement released Wednesday, Gov. Mike DeWine said, “Ann Vogel brings her knowledge and experience at the head of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Because she has worked with me as Director of Policy, Ann knows my priorities and will lead this important agency tasked with protecting Ohio’s air, land and water.”

If the Ohio Senate confirms it, Vogel will replace current director Laurie Stevenson, who is set to retire at the end of the year.

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