The new character Blankos Sirens will drop on March 22nd.

Players and collectors Block Party Blancos gearing up for another NFT Blankos reset on Wednesday, March 22 at 3:00 PM PDT, 10:00 PM UTC. The new character is called Sirens and was designed by a British artist. John Paul Kaiser.

Like many of his previous Blanco characters, the Sirens have traditional Japanese stylings.

Sirens NFT will be released in a limited edition of 400 pieces and will be available both in the online store and in the game. The NFT will cost $19.99 or 2000 Blankos bucks.

In addition, the mint will be accompanied by three accessories, also limited to 400 pieces. These include the wings of the siren’s song, an anchor, and a crown of shells.

  • Siren Song Wings, 6.99 or 700 bucks
  • Damn anchor, $2.99 ​​or 300 bucks.
  • Shell hoop, $3.99 or 400 bucks.

At the same time as falling Blancos announced that her first season starter kit featuring Kandy would be leaving the game.

Block Party Blancos is an open-world multiplayer game that left early access in September 2022, and the marketplace has been open since 2021.

The game is published by Mythical Games and is available on the Epic Games Store and as a download on PC and Mac from the Blankos Block Party website.

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