The Deadpool star is so excited to be starring opposite Will Ferrell in Taken, but soon becomes horrified when he realizes he has to sing and dance in the new film.

Ryan Reynolds reached out to Hugh Jackman when he realized he was in 'problem' after he signed on to the musical

Ryan Reynolds admired Will Ferrell for his “whole working life”. “Dead Pool“the star was delighted to sign on for the role in”vigorousbecause it meant working with the 55-year-old comedy legend.

“Will Ferrell has contributed more to society’s comedy lexicon than any other comedic performer. This is the man I have literally idolized my entire working life. I love his vulnerability in his work, that’s what makes him so funny. and accessible. So it was about working with Will and being there for him,” he said.

However, Ryan was horrified when he realized what he had gotten himself into by signing up for the holiday movie. He admitted, “It wasn’t until later, when I realized it was a musical, that I realized I was in big, big trouble.”

The 46-year-old actor turned to his friend Hugh Jackman for advice, but confessed”The Greatest ShowmanThe star was too experienced to help much. He recently said: “It’s so natural for Hugh that in a strange way his help didn’t work. He said, “Just make sure you listen to those counts and those beats.” And I’m like, “I can’t hear beats, man. Help me with something real! ”

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