The Crown actress was less than impressed with her naughty scenes with a much younger co-star in Sam Mendes’ new film and wanted them removed from the final cut.

Olivia Colman is shocked by her sex scenes and asked the director to cut them out of
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Olivia Colman was not very happy with her sex scenes in “Empire of Light“. The 48-year-old Oscar-winning actress shares the screen with Michael Ward25, in Sam Mendesnew film, but she admitted that the cheeky bits between the main characters made her cringe, and she hoped the director would cut them out in the final cut.

“I always wanted Sam to remove the sex scenes because I was so embarrassed.” I said, “Why can’t they go kiss and cut themselves and then pretend it’s already happened?” she told Daily Mail correspondent Richard Eden.

In the film, she plays a theater boss who falls in love with a much younger ticket salesman, and Olivia goes on to credit Michael for being “much more mature” than her and says he helped calm her nerves.

This came after Olivia revealed that she was shocked to learn that she was five years older than Michael’s mother. Talking about “ Graham Norton ShowShe explained: “There was one particular moment when I was riding Michael in a compromising and slightly embarrassing situation, and he said, ‘Today is my mom’s birthday.’ When he said that she was 43 years old, I thought: “Okay, stop talking!” ”

She also denied rumors that Sam wrote the role of Hilary, the theater manager, with Olivia in mind. The actress said, “Apparently it was [written for me]. But Sam is so cute that he would still say it. He looked ‘Crown‘at that time and thought of me.”

“We had a Zoom conversation during lockdown and I said ok yes before I even knew what it was. It’s incredible praise for him to write something for me. was a waste!”

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