The 25-year-old man, who killed three people in wrong-way crash in southeast Dallas County last week, is out of the hospital and arrested

Dallas County, Texas – Jose Contreras, 25, who is accused of killing three people in the deadly crash in southeast Dallas County, was released from the hospital and booked into the Kaufman County Jail on three counts of manslaughter.

The incident took place last week on Highway 175 in southeast Dallas County. According to the available information, Contreras was driving drunk at the time of the incident.

Local authorities received a 911 call and were notified that a driver was driving in the wrong directions. Nearby officers responded and tried to stop Contreras, but instead of stopping his vehicle, Contreras sped up and ended up crashing into a Toyota sedan near the intersection of FM 1389 in Seagoville. The crash resulted in three people being killed.

The authorities identified the victims as 49-year-old Ana Guzman of Kaufman County, 23-year-old Jessica Guzman, from Katy, Texas and Jessica’s two-year-old daughter.

The first responders believe that Contreras was driving drunk at the time of the incident. He was hospitalized at a local hospital due to the injuries he sustained in the crash. As soon as he was admitted to the hospital, blood was drawn from Contreras, but the results of the test are yet to be revealed. If the test comes back positive, he may face additional charges.

Just after the initial incident took place, another vehicle hit the victims’ Toyota from behind, and instead of stopping, the driver fled the scene. The authorities easily identified the vehicle involved in the crash and the driver. The driver, identified as 30-year-old James Gaddis of Crandall, is also facing felony charges for hitting the victims’ car after the initial crash.

Jose Contreras was held on a $3 million bond, $1 million for each charge.

Once the results of the blood test are ready and publicly revealed, we will update the story.

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