Swimmer survives shark attack off Hawaii’s Big Island

Tourists walk along the beach of Anaeho’omalu Bay in Hawaii, where a 62-year-old man suffered leg and arm injuries in a shark attack on Sunday, local authorities said. Photo courtesy of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

March 21 (UPI) — A 62-year-old man suffered leg and arm injuries in a shark attack Sunday in Anaeho’omalu Bay off the Big Island of Hawaii, according to local authorities.

A Utah man was swimming about 200 yards offshore in South Kohala when a shark bit his left arm. The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources said that when he tried to fight off a shark, he was bitten on his left knee. in the news release Tuesday.

The man managed to swim away nearest catamaranwhere crew members stopped the man’s bleeding until rescuers arrived, according to the Hawaiian Fire and Rescue Department.

Rescuers carried the man from the catamaran to shore, where he was taken by ambulance to a Northern Hawaii hospital. There is no information about the condition of the man, as well as what kind of shark or what size was involved in the attack.

After the shark attack on Sunday, DNL Water Resources removed the “shark warning” signs in Anaeho’omalu Bay and replaced them with “sharks spotted” signs.

No sharks were spotted during a Hawaiian fire department helicopter flyby on Monday, and the signs were taken down.

Anaeho’omalu Bay, also called “A-Bay”, is known for its crescent-shaped beach, water activities and reef for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Sunday’s attack is the fifth shark bite on the Big Island since September 2021. In December, there was a shark attack on Waikoloa in Anaeho’omalu Bay. Two other attacks were reported in the Kona area and another in the Keowhow area.

Researchers say the chance of a shark attack is very low. To reduce the risk of an unprovoked shark bite, remove reflective jewelry in the ocean and avoid areas where people fish.

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