Surveillance video shows horrific moments as teenagers kill young couple

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) — 19. The news has received CCTV footage showing the horrific moments last summer when a pair of teenage drag racers crashed into a young couple on a motorcycle, killing them.

“It’s alarming,” said Job Lesko, the victim’s stepfather. “It’s hard to watch. I don’t know how anyone can watch this and not get hurt by it.”

Surveillance video shows the moments when 22-year-old Bobby Henry and his 32-year-old girlfriend Brianca Palmer were hit by two drag racing teenagers last July in the Slavic village of Cleveland.

19 The news doesn’t show the fatal blow, but we do show teenagers getting out of their cars to look at the victims and eventually leaving the scene.

“It’s unbelievable that anyone can be human at all and he checks out as they run up to the car with the other people he raced and hung out with and the girl wipes her car down trying to get the scuff marks off of it. car before she goes home and goes to bed,” Lesko said. “So yeah, it’s all disgusting and the judge saw it on the first day and then basically said, is that all you have?”

A 16-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy were racing when the boy crashed into a couple on a motorcycle, according to Cleveland police reports.

Both teens were charged with aggravated assault and failure to stop after the crash.

“They should have spent at least two years in an adult prison,” said Danika Jankovic, Henry’s mother. “They probably should have lost their license for the rest of their lives, you have to bear some responsibility. You can’t just go home and go on with your life like nothing happened, because it happened, it took two lives.”

According to juvenile court records, the 17-year-old was not charged as an adult, negotiated a plea deal, and Judge Jennifer O’Malley sentenced him to time in a group home, probation, community service, and had his license suspended. .

“I think everyone who has this case will tell you that she handled the case completely wrong,” Lesko said. “I mean, that might be the only thing she mistreated, we don’t know, but she definitely screwed it up really bad.”

The Cuyahoga County Attorney’s Office called the verdict “appalling” and told 19 News that the state did post bail on a motion to try the couple as adults, but the judge denied the motion.

The other driver, a 16-year-old girl, was also charged in juvenile court.

In December, while under house arrest, the girl ruined her tracking monitor and fled. Documents show that a warrant was issued and she was taken into custody, but released soon after.

She appeared in court again earlier this month and pleaded guilty. Now the courts are looking for a shelter that will accept her.

“Now she is interviewing for a place to take her, but she is not going to punish her at all, she wants to find a group home for her, so we did not receive a sentence last time she postponed it for three weeks. and then, if she doesn’t find a place for herself now, he told us that she would either have to be sent to prison for a year and a half, or go home,” Lesko said.

The 16-year-old will return to court for sentencing on April 4.

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