Spencerville property listed as sold for $1.2 million

SPENSERVILLE. When one door closes, another always opens. For many tenants in Spencerville, the retirement of one landlord has led to a fresh start for another.

Hartsock Realty recently sold a Spencerville home package of 21 homes and 22 apartments. The property was listed at $1,359,000 and later sold for $1,260,000. Occupied homes will now become the property of Ten Hearts LLC.

The new owner, Joan Stevens, reportedly owned 6 previous properties and has now purchased additional properties to expand her portfolio.

Realtor Jeff Dahlmage spoke out about the purchase.

“The salesperson was approaching retirement age and he wanted to get away from all management,” Dalmage said. “There were 21 houses and 22 units. It was a lot. We had his main house for sale and talked to him about it. To begin with, we sold him, probably, a third. He just decided to sell. It was good for him and good for the person who bought them.”

This is not the first major purchase for the real estate company. Dalmage said they have sold dozens of home packages in the past. He also said that the advantage of buying a house is that the buyer receives a scale or payment immediately after buying the property.

“I met her (Stevens) at the closing and she said that they have 6 properties to rent, so this will greatly expand their portfolio,” Dalmage added. “She saw this as a great opportunity. Her husband and son will be working on it, so it’s kind of a family project. This is always a positive thing. I think it will be positive for all the residents of Spencerville.”

The properties are listed below:

• 102 West Third Street.

• 125 E. Union Art.

• st. N. Mulberry, 206.

• st. Northern channel, 219.

• st. N. Mulberry, 220.

• st. Northern channel, 223.

• 307 S. Mulberry St.

• 318 N. Zhemchuzhnaya st.

• 407 N. Main St.

• 404 S. Canal st.

• 408 N. College St.

• 409 E. Fourth Street.

• 419 S. Pearl Street.

• st. S. Channel, 420

• 505 E. Fourth Street.

• 600 Briggs Avenue.

• 620 N. Broadway Street.

• 624 and 626 Canal Street.

• 1015 N. Acadia Road.

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