Southwest Passengers Still Waiting For Bags After Flight Delays And Cancellations

10TV’s Kevin Landers contacted passengers to let them know their bags were in Columbus.

COLUMBUS, Ohio. Hundreds of luggage bags continue to pile up at Southwest Airlines’ baggage claim area. Bags are waiting to be picked up by passengers who are separated from their luggage after the airline canceled most of its flights during a winter storm.

Southwest reported that some bags were flown to Columbus from airports such as Chicago and Denver, which were hardest hit by the storm.

To move customer bags, 10TV called the owners to let them know their bags were at John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

One customer, Jennifer Long, hasn’t seen her bags since Christmas.

“We haven’t had any correspondence from Southwest Airlines,” Long said.

She told us via FaceTime how her flight to Orlando was delayed several times before the family finally got fed up.

“We jumped in the car and drove 15 and a half hours back to Columbus,” she said.

We called her to let her know her bags were in Columbus. She said she knew the place because she had an AirTag in her bag.

10TV reporter Kevin Landers asked, “So this phone call was the first time you’ve physically seen your bag since you started your journey?”

Long replied: “You get the idea – from 11 a.m. on Christmas Day.”

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We also called John Romeo, who lives in Austin, Texas. He told us he never made it out of Texas, but his five bags did.

“It really ruined my Christmas plans,” Romeo said.

He said that, like many stranded Southwest passengers, he felt helpless at not being able to make alternative plans while at the gate.

“They didn’t tell us anything, except that the crew was not there. It was as if we were being held hostage to stay at the gate,” he said.

Both Long and Romeo said the experience changed their perception of the Southwest.

“I will never fly to the southwest again because the connection was terrible. This is the most important thing, just let me know if you are going to cancel my flight. Let me know because I could be on the road five hours early,” Long said.

“They are really just a bruise in my perception. It will hurt. This will hurt many families because it couldn’t have happened at a worse time during Christmas. This will drag on for a long time. Will I be flying southwest during Christmas? Never again, Romeo said.

If you have questions about the airline, you can visit their website for answers about your rights.

Southwest Airlines outages information can be found here.

View the full apology from the Southwest CEO here.

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