Some North Texas Nail Salon Workers Not Ready To Return To Work During Coronavirus Pandemic

Fort Worth, Texas – Under Governor Greg ​Abbott’s plan to ​restart​ Texas’ economy, ​restaurants, hair salons and nail salons ​have reopened, but it’s ​not back to business as usual. ​

Area nail salons are having to make several adjustments and some employees are not ready to come back to work yet. ​
“For the past couple ​​days it’s been very busy,” Park Place Nail Spa owner Cami Pham said.
At her Fort Worth salon, there’s hand sanitizer out front, ​everyone is required to wear a mask and there’s not enough socially ​distanced ​​seats to keep up with customer demand. ​​​
“After two month of staying ​​inside the house ​they want to ​have nice nails, ​they want ​to get pampered ​so we‘re staying extra hours until 9 p.m.,” Pham said.

“It’s been crazy,” Poshe Nail Salon manager Jake Nguyen said. “A lot of people ​want to come back and get their services done.” ​

At the Richardson salon, ​they’re taking the same precautions and seeing the same demand, but only four of their 13 employees feel ​comfortable coming back to work.​

“For their safety, we respect their decisions,” Nguyen said. “Some of them are not fully back yet. So ​like I said, we just try to work with what we have.” ​

When it comes to those ​receiving unemployment ​because of the COVID-19 emergency, the Texas Workforce Commission ​is ​now allowing claimants to ​keep receiving ​benefits if they choose not to ​return to work for certain reasons.

Those reasons are:

*Being high risk – 65 & older ​​
*Having household members who are high risk ​​
*Diagnosed with COVID-19 ​​
*Family member diagnosed with COVID-19​​
*Currently quarantined ​​
*Or their child’s school or daycare is closed ​​with no alternatives available ​

Any other situation will be subject to a case by case review by TWC based on individual circumstances.

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