Social media challenge is the reason for the lockdown at Royse City High School Friday morning; authorities responded at the scene

Royse City, Texas – TikTok and social media challenges are causing a lot of problems for parents in the last couple of years and some of those challenges even ended up to be fatal for some children.

One such trend caused a lot of panic at Royse City High School Friday morning, an incident that brought the local authorities at the scene.

According to the incident report, the local police department officers were dispatched at Royse City High School following a 911 call in regards to a person in the Royse City High School parking lot pointing a gun at another person.

Several people who were in the area were seeing immediately running into the school causing panic.

Officers arrived at the scene in a matter of minutes in placed the school on lockdown thinking that someone on the campus has a weapon.

However, it was later discovered that several students had been using airsoft or BB guns to shoot water gel pellets at each other in the parking lot. It was apparently part of the tending social media challenge called the Orbeez Challenge.

The incident, understandably, heavily disturbed the parents, so the school district decided to send a letter to the parents explaining what had happened Friday morning.

“This occurred in the parking lot before school and no students were hurt. Referred to as the Orbeez Challenge on TikTok, this is yet another senseless trend that is disrupting the school environment, causing a strain on law enforcement and is resulting in serious legal ramifications for students across the nation,” Royse City ISD said in a letter to parents.

Officials with the school district confirmed five students were involved in the social media challenge incident and they are about to face ‘serious consequences’ after being arrested.

The school district once again urged parents to speak with their children about the social media challenges that in some cases, can have huge impact on their future.

Once the responding officers revealed what had happened, the school reopened and the classes continued as per the schedule.

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