Saturday afternoon shooting outside Dallas Academy Sports + Outdoors fatal for one person, one hospitalized

Dallas, TX – The shooting that took place outside Dallas Academy Sports + Outdoors in the 6400 block of E. Northwest Highway, near Skillman on Saturday before 4:40 p.m. resulted with one woman dead and one male victim inured.

Although no many details are available at this point of the investigation, Dallas police said that the shooting took place at the parking lot outside Dallas Academy Sports + Outdoors.

The victims were confronted by a male suspect believed to be responsible for the shooting.

Following a short dispute, the shooting suspect shot both of the victims several times each.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene, while the male victim was transferred to hospital for treatment in critical condition.

The police didn’t confirm if they have a suspect at the time.

The investigation about the case is ongoing. Stay wits for updates!

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