Sachse man found dead in him home, ongoing investigation for the homicide

Dallas, Texas – There is ongoing investigation after Sachse man was found dead in his home on Monday. Texas Rangers and Sachse police are working together on the case looking to find answer behind the homicide.

The victim was identified as 38-year-old Salah Eid, father of three. His body was found inside his home on Monday on the 3500 block of Glenhaven Drive around 6 p.m. Officers responded to a 911 call after someone called for a welfare check.

His death is being investigated as a homicide. Authorities haven’t released any new information and are requesting the public’s help for clues.

Family and friends said Eid went by the nickname ‘Sal’ and was a husband and father to three boys ages 15, 9 and 7.

“Sal was a selfless person he was always available to those that were in need, he was always willing to go the extra mile to help people,” said Zaid Bayan, a close friend who grew up with Eid.

Bayan said his and Eid’s fathers were considered founders in the North Texas Muslim and Arab communities.

“His father always had an open-door policy, always helped people in the community always helped people,” Bayan said. “Sal followed in those footsteps, he always loved to help others, he helped others and never asked for help.”

Eid was Palestinian and his family moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the ’70s and ’80s. He had been very involved in the Muslim community and played a major role in helping Brighter Horizons Academy go virtual during the pandemic.

“He’s been one of the youth leaders in the community,” said Said, board chairman of Brighter Horizons Academy. “Such a great man, it’s a big loss, until today it’s surreal.”

Those who knew Eid said he was also the person to contact if they needed to find a job.

“The memories that I have of him are amazing,” said Tony Abruscato, who worked with Eid at the University of Phoenix and most recently at Academic Partnerships in Dallas.

“What a fantastic gentleman, would give his shirt off his own back to anybody that asked for it. And sometimes to a fault. You know he almost took care of everybody else before he took care of himself,” Abruscato said.

He said Eid was the director of enrollment services at the University of Phoenix and led hundreds of people when he worked there several years ago.

“He was just such a jolly guy with, you know, would make everybody feel really comfortable and like I said he, he would, he would give anybody any of his time,” Abruscato said.

He said they would talk about their love of being fathers since they both have sons and how Eid wanted to set his kids up for success.

“He was just a wonderful human being and he had love for everybody no matter, race, religion, creed, doesn’t matter who, he took everybody in, and he was a great guy,” said Abruscato, who said he appreciated Eid sharing his culture and religion with him.

Bayan said he credited Eid’s parents for raising a son whose mission was to give back.

“It’s sad to see him gone at a young age, but he definitely left a mark here,” Bayan said.

Eid’s funeral will be held at the Islamic Association of North Texas Mosque on Thursday at around 1 p.m.

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