Ryan Gosling’s dream of his upcoming Barbie movie could become a reality

Ryan Gosling’s dream of his upcoming Barbie movie could become a reality

Ryan Gosling has been in the industry for a long time. The actor was part of Disney when he was thirteen. Gosling has defined fluidity over the years with his many roles. From the role of a neo-Nazi in The Believer, passionate lover in NotebookMr. Armstrong’s First manwrestling jazz player La La Landand most recently a CIA agent on Netflix. gray man, Gosling chooses the most diverse characters.

So when he chose the role of Ken, or should I say Ken chose him, given that Gosling looks like the spitting image of Barbie’s own boyfriend, fans weren’t too surprised.. But in an interview with THR, the BAFTA-winning actor spoke about a dream he could only fulfill by playing Ken in Barbie.

Ryan Gosling talks about the dream that made him choose Ken

Barbie the film, like the doll itself in the short teaser, wreaked havoc. From fans buying tickets to Avatar: Path of Water just to see a teaser in theaters to constantly lie awake thinking about how perfect Gosling is as Ken in Barbiewithout releasing much Barbie managed to become the most fashionable thing on the Internet. Much in sync with the doll, that’s about it. And Ryan Gosling is happiest when he plays Ken.

The actor expressed his delight to be able to share Ken’s opinion on the story.. In addition, Gosling most often stuck to only realistic roles.which is why neither Gosling nor fans can wait to see the magic that unfolds with Greta Gerwig. Barbie.

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In addition to the brilliant script, director and cast, Ryan Gosling revealed another reason for making the film. While talking to THR during the premiere gray man, the actor said: “I always wanted to create a character that would make people go to Halloween.”

This is confirmed. While the actor has the most versatile set of characters he’s played, none of them are dressed up like Halloween.. And casting Ken just broke that curse for the actor. What’s more, in 2022, many couples donned their neon outfits to dress up as Barbie and Ken. The romantic comedy won’t release until 2023, but we’re waiting with bated breath.

Are you excited to see Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie? Let us know in the comments below.



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