Royal writers question authenticity of ‘Harry & Meghan’ docu-series, calling it ‘out of the ordinary’

Given the current royal family scenario with the Windsors trying to protect the crumbling palace and the Sussexes struggling to tear it apart, Both sides stood firm. The most senior members of the royal family have vowed not to break the wall of silence over their heated disputes. But Harry and Meghan poured it all out in their recent Netflix documentaries. On such occasions, we could all have foreseen the harsh criticism of the couple.

As the six-part series revealed some of the royal family’s darkest secrets, the media fueling the frenzy, led by royal experts and analysts, raised various questions about it. After the duke and duchess had been heavily accused by royal correspondents, it was the turn of the body language expert. In a recent video on my own YouTube channel Bruce, an expert, researched some scenes in the docu-series that he didn’t like.

Body language expert calls Meghan and Harry unusual

Starting from the opening scene Harry and Meganan expert tells us how there is no correspondence between duke and duchess. Explanation HArry’s position, he pointed out, as showing familiarity and intimacy with his wife directing the inner thigh towards her. However, Meghan Markle at the same time has her legs are crossed at Harry’s sidewhich “we all know it’s a barrierBruce said.

Harry’s open gesture, not Markle’s.unusual the limbic system is what’s wrong YouTuber said. The video later stated how her actions didn’t match her words during verbal communication with the interviewer. He also talked about how Markle must have used it as “her chance to shineslinging mud at the monarchy. Speaking of the normal distribution curve, he also confirmed how Megan is “not as authentic as it could be“.

Before the video began, the expert made it very clear that she was not among Meghan’s haters. Before proceeding with the video, he tried his best to be as focused as possible. However, some of the things we all see in documentaries he believes cannot be denied.

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What do you think of Meghan and Harry’s body language? Do you think they weren’t “genuine”? Let us know in the comments below.

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