Royal expert claims Prince Harry showed misogyny by calling Meghan Markle “What?”

Royal expert claims Prince Harry showed misogyny by calling Meghan Markle “What?”

Weeks after Harry and Megan series first shown on Netflix, royal experts have taken a deep dive into the series and come up with their own theories. The other day, a body language expert gave his opinion on the mismatch between the Sussexes. Not only the body language expert, but other royal analysts have done a thorough study of the great success of Netflix. Some theories say that Prince Harry had an unfamiliar tone when talking about his wife.Meghan Markle at some point.

According to News, royal expert Russell Myers pointed to the language of sleep from the duke’s mouth. Some of the words he used to address the Duchess did not sit well with onlookers. After Meghan Markle’s interrogationa taskbehavior towards Prince Harry, here is another theory claiming The Duke was rather misogynist when speaking to the interviewer.

Prince Harry was accused of misogyny in an appeal to Meghan Markle.

Episodes deep in the six-part document series, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle passionately described on Netflix camera about their wedding day and their own marriage progression. The Duchess confirmed that the whole affair was “surrealand how she had a strong adrenaline rush when she saw Harry, or X, as Meghan calls him. The camera then cuts to Harry, who is asked what he was thinking as Markle walked down the aisle to approach him.

That’s where Prince had a dirty slip, as Myers pointed out.. “Look at… Look at me Look at what I’ve gotsaid the father of two. Speculation about how he treated Meghan Markle as a thing that objectifies her with “what kind”. According to the expert, Harry qualified himself later because he realized he sounded misogynistic., albeit unintentionally. “He definitely had to pull the handbrake on this one,Myers said before closing.

However, despite poor or misleading use of words, Meghan Markle’s description of Harry was considered “very nice“. He could clearly tell what was going on in his head when he saw his wife in this beautiful dress.

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What do you think of Harry’s words? Do you think he was a misogynist, as the expert pointed out? Let us know in the comments below.

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