Redistricting in Ohio: continued

The new year may include many different events in the redistricting arena, but one thing is certain: new maps should be on the agenda.

But this time around, majority leaders may not have as much trouble getting cards through the current approving body: the Ohio Supreme Court.

Following Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor’s departure due to age restrictions, Judge Sharon Kennedy was elected first, and Kennedy made clear how she felt about redistricting in the past, accusing the majority of the court of abuse of judicial power in rejecting the cards as unconstitutional.

The maps passed the review, with maps of Statehouse counties being rejected five times by the state’s highest court, and maps of Congress being rejected twice.

After the latest round of rejections, GOP members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission turned to the U.S. District Court for a response, which came in the form of a temporary approval of a card passed in February but still found unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court. .

A three-judge panel in federal court said they did not expect the card to last the ten years, or even the four years mandated by the constitutional amendment that reformed the process. The ORC could have accepted the card without bipartisan support, but the card would only last four years.

The Republican Party took another step around the Ohio Supreme Court by filing an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court over congressional redistricting and the state legislature’s power over the state supreme court.

The nation’s highest court has not yet decided whether it will hear the case and is still deciding another redistricting case, Moore v. Harper, which also deals with the state legislature’s role in elections.

US Senator Sherrod Brown pointed to the corruption scandal with exiled Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder as part of the problem the state is facing in trying to resolve the redistricting issue.

“The government of this state is the most corrupt in the country,” Brown said during a press conference. “I think there is no doubt about that.

Householder did not participate in the redistricting, but his predecessor as speaker, Bob Kapp, did, along with Senate President Matt Huffman.

“Of course, (GOP legislators) know that they are losing elections across the country because they are not keeping up with the majority of voters, so they believe that the only way to win is to change the rules. Brown said.

Legislative leaders have given no indication as to when the process will start again, although the need for a new state budget could slow the process.

Proponents of the vote said they were developing a new voting measure that could change the distribution of constituencies again. Outgoing Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor said she plans to help fight fraud.

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