Recruitment in the First Republic was focused on these four firms.

Since First Republic Bank was spun off from Bank of America in 2010 and then went public, it has hired dozens of high-performing financial advisors from well-known competitors, including some of the same banks and financial institutions that are trying to prevent its collapse: Wells Fargo Advisors, JP Morgan Securities, UBS Financial Services and Morgan Stanley.

Over the past 13 years, First Republic Securities Co., the bank’s broker-dealer, and First Republic Investment Management Inc., its registered investment advisor, have hired a total of 291 financial advisors, of which 58 have left the firm for various competitors. that time, according to a review of 13 years of data from InvestmentNews Expert Advisors based on Move. for the net income of 233 financial advisors, many of whom are elite financial advisors who generate annual incomes of $1 million or more.

In accordance with InvestmentNews data, nearly half, 48.8%, of financial advisors hired by First Republic came from Wells Fargo Advisors, JP Morgan Securities, UBS Financial Services and Morgan Stanley.

During this period, the bank hired 49 financial advisors from Wells Fargo, 33 from UBS, 40 from JP Morgan and 20 from Morgan Stanley. InvestmentNews data.

Over the past decade, the bank has been an important destination for telecoms consultants who want to leave Wall Street for a smaller firm while earning a hefty bonus. First Republic is known to pay high bonuses to financial advisors in regions where it wants to expand.

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is leading efforts to create a new rescue plan for First Republic, according to published reports. First Republic Bank has the largest asset management business of several regional banks that are under pressure from nervous savers pulling cash; at the end of last year, the asset management group had $271.2 billion in client assets.

While the bank has been hit hard in recent weeks, financial advisers who have joined the First Republic in the past decade are facing restrictions on long-term condescending loans that are being worked off over time. If a consultant leaves the firm before the loan is paid off, he or she may be subject to litigation.

“When a firm is rescued under these conditions, financial advisors often take a wait-and-see approach,” says Jody Papice, president of recruiting agency Cross-Search. “But if the new owner makes changes that reduce compensation or consultant benefits, then they can look for a new home.”

A spokesman for the First Republic did not return a call on Tuesday to comment on the situation.

First Republic Bank, the parent company of the broker-dealer and RIA, has been under intense pressure over the past two weeks due to the bank run and bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank, and its future remained uncertain Tuesday morning. Investors penalize the company’s share price; A month ago, First Republic Bank shares closed above $122, and on Tuesday around noon they traded at $16 with a price change, down 87%. Shares, however, traded higher throughout the day.

First Republic Bank was part of Merrill Lynch when Bank of America Corp. acquired the firm during the credit crunch in 2010; Bank of America later sold First Republic to a group of private investors who then took it public.

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