On New Year’s Eve, law enforcement agencies are preparing not to let drunk drivers on the roads.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – As New Year’s Eve approaches, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is preparing to deal with drunk drivers.

We will have soldiers. We will be very vigilant. We will be visible. We’ll be looking for those drunk drivers. We take this very seriously because it can often lead to injury or fatal accident. We want everyone to have a good weekend with their friends and family and not end in tragedy,” said Sergeant Ryan Purpura.

Last New Year there were 20 accidents and 40 arrests related to driving while intoxicated. The state military hopes to bring those numbers down this year with your help.

“If you see someone driving on the road, maybe they are swerving out of their lane, pulling onto the side of the road, driving very slowly – these are a couple of examples that we see in drivers with disabilities. We ask you to call 677,” Purpura said. “This call will connect you to our dispatcher. Make sure you are prepared to tell this dispatcher where you are, what the vehicle is doing, and the license plate, if possible. The more details the better. Then we can find someone to stop that person before he hurts anyone.”

Purpura advises that you have a safe return home plan in place before you head out to celebrate the New Year.

“Obviously we want people to make a conscious choice not to drive with a disability, and it all comes down to planning. So, starting today – we have a weekend with a holiday weekend – develop a plan. Talk to family members, talk to friends, assign a driver, or maybe try using a sharing app or taxi service,” Purpura said.

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