Ohio authorities warn of new Medicare card scam

State officials are warning about the so-called new Medicare card scam.

Thieves are reportedly calling people posing as government officials and saying their Medicare card needs to be updated or replaced. The scammers then ask for personal information.

Ohio Department of Insurance says government agencies never call Ohioans about Medicare by phone, email, or door-to-door.

Government officials say people should never give out personal information to anyone asking for Medicare, Social Security, bank or credit card information.

Medicare or Medicare health plans will only call and ask for personal information if you are already a member of the plan or if you called first and left a message.

If you feel you have been the victim of Medicare fraud, contact the Ohio Medicare Senior Patrol at 800-488-6070 or proseniors.org.

Ohio residents with Medicare questions can contact the Ohio Insurance Department’s Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP) at 800-686-1578, [email protected] and insurance.ohio.gov.

OSHIIP is the state of Medicare’s official education and counseling program.

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