New exam opens up employment opportunities in Lima

LIMA — Local governments are expanding their tent pegs to reach candidates outside the area. Lima’s civil service board met on Tuesday evening to discuss a new employee test. Previously, the city of Lima held paper-based tests on Sundays for prospective workers before they could be selected for a position in the city. The new program will expand this horizon. The Lima Civil Service Council approved the use of the National Employment Testing Network. Major John Bishop of the Lima Police Department spoke about this.

“The national testing network is a way to attract more candidates for our law enforcement positions,” Bishop said. “Sometimes it becomes difficult for people to get to the police station or get to the city. To pass the test, we try to do it on weekends when there are free people, but it still becomes difficult. The National Testing Network opens up that opportunity and allows many more people across the country to take our tests.”

The new exam is being held at various testing centers in the United States. According to Bishop, Rhodes State College is currently the center for taking the exam. The exam will help not only candidates for the police, but also other candidates for city employees.

“This test means a much larger pool of candidates,” said LPD Major John Bishop. “Law enforcement agencies are needed everywhere. Our numbers across the country are dwindling and we need to attract good people and that is how we hope to do it. The test is a video-based test, the participant must register and pass the test. For example, there may be a traffic stop, and then he will ask questions about this stop and look for a suitable answer. I believe there are parts that cover writing reports and proper grammar.”

Candidates may choose to work with multiple agencies in the United States during the exam.

“Now all of our tests are paper tests,” Bishop said. “We give the test to those who can pass it. When I took the test a couple of decades ago, we had 400-500 people to take the test; now we get 10 or 12.”

The Lima Civil Service Council also approved Human Resources internships and seasonal positions in the city for the GenNext program.

For more information about the exam, contact Lima Public Service Council Secretary Debra Wobbe at 419-223-7271.

Contact Precious Grandi at 567-242-0351.

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