New Covid-19 vaccination site opens at the Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, TX – One Fort Worth Covid-19 vaccination site was closed last week, but a new one was opened on Monday, city officials confirm.

According to them, the vaccination site at the Wilkerson-Greines Activity Center shut down their operations last week, but starting Monday, new Covid-19 vaccination site at the Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex at 505 W. Felix Street was opened.

Reportedly, the vaccination site will run from Monday to Friday.

“We have been here in the past, and it worked. Everybody knows this location,” consumer health specialist Jessica Rosado with Fort Worth Code Compliance said.

Rosado said that the vaccination site at the Wilkerson-Greines was closed because of the winter since that site was a drive-thru, while the new vaccination sites is an indoor location and is more suitable for those interested to get vaccinated.

Rosado was happy to announced that in the second days of operations, there have been almost 100 doses given until noon, which is already more compered to Monday.

However, she is confident that the number of given doses will increase in the upcoming period mostly because of the new Covid-19 variant called Omicron.

“We are here. We are open for them. We have extended our hours until 6 p.m., so that could be an opportunity for parents to pick up their children. They can come here to this vaccination site,” she said.

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