New Business – Lancaster Tuxedo Shop to Open in Sharffs Circleville

Circleville. The company, which has been family owned for three generations, will take over where Scharffs has been for several years, in downtown Circleville.

“OP Gallo Tuxedo has been around for three generations, I opened a store in Lancaster in 1991. All of the original family shops have since closed, but we have been a staple in Lancaster for 32 years now. We have built our business around service and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of our community,” said owner Mark.

Mark told Sciotopost that one of the main adaptations the company quickly agreed to when it came to old merchandise was for teenage boys and men to have inventory instead of a book for them.

“Just like brides and young ladies going to the dance, grooms and young men wanted to be able to go somewhere to try on clothes, and not just look at a sample of a suit or a catalog. Over time, we have turned into our own mini-warehouse. Given the constant evolution of men’s fashion and rising shipping costs, this investment has proven to be a win-win for both the customer and us.”

“My original dream thirty plus years ago was to open a traditional costume shop. At that time in Lancaster, I really felt that the need was being properly met. The overtime shops disappeared again, people retired and society became much more laid-back. Fashion, of course, is always cyclical, and men are wearing suits again. We have adapted and added retail suits to our business model.”

Mark told Sciotopost that his relationship with store owner Doug Baker of Shariffs helped him move to Circleville.

“When Doug decided to retire, he knew from previous conversations that I was considering expanding and contacted me. My brother-in-law and his family are from Circleville and I just love the feel of a downtown store so I quickly figured this would be a good fit. We don’t have a big city business model; it’s definitely the county’s business model.”

The store expands and changes not only the location of Circleville, but also Lancaster, opening two new stores, one in Circleville and the other in the River Valley Mall, both opening around the same time.

Plans to open both new stores will appear in April. The new Lancaster mall will be rented out and the original site will be converted into a traditional men’s suit store. The Circleville store will be both a rental and traditional store.

With prom and special events just around the corner, the company has some advice.

“My advice to anyone who is picking out clothes for a special event is to go somewhere where you can try on some things. As I jokingly told clients: “I don’t care about your comfort, I just want you to look good, you tell me if you’re uncomfortable.” Sometimes it’s about finding a happy median. I try to educate employees so they know how and why things should look like. What I love the most is when a client looks in the mirror and you can tell they are really happy with their outfit.”

OP Gallo Tuxedo says they now have inventory for every need, you can come and buy and try on real costumes to make sure they match your style and fit you.

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