Mother’s home in Cleveland hit by gunfire, hopes for reduced gun violence in 2023

CLEVELAND — Maosha Wailes is a mother from Cleveland who now has to hope and pray that gun violence in Cleveland somehow lessens in 2023, after a random shootout hit her home on Dec. 21.

Wales and her boyfriend Reshard Roberts told News 5 that just before 4 a.m., their home on Kipling Avenue was hit by more than a dozen shots that hit their TV, glass furniture, a sofa in the living room, and several bullets remained in kitchen cabinets.

Wayles said her daughter was in the house with her family and young children on the second floor of the duplex when the shooting started. Wayles said the shooting started at the top of her street and continued when two men started shooting at her house.

“She heard the gunshots, which she said were getting closer and closer, and she didn’t pay attention to it until she heard the sound of breaking glass and realized that it was flying into our house,” Wayles said. “I just couldn’t believe it. she was in a panic, she was crying. She was in the room if that bullet hit her or anyone, I usually have grandchildren.”

Roberts said he was stunned by the incident, considers himself lucky no one was hurt in the shootout, and believes firearms training is mandatory, although Ohioans no longer require a concealed carry permit.

“They have to get some training to know the difference between what’s going on, how to use them and what not to do, but you’ll still have a few idiots,” Roberts said. put down your weapons and help each other.”

Cleveland police said the city topped 100 homicides again in 2022, and MetroHealth and university hospitals said their first-level trauma centers have treated more than 2,400 patients with gunshot wounds in the past 30 months.

Cleveland police are still looking for suspects and are asking anyone with information about the December 21 Kipling Avenue shooting to contact the 5th District Detective Bureau at 216-623-5518.

Meanwhile, Wales has a simple message for the people who shot at her home and hopes gun violence in Cleveland slows down in 2023.

“Once this barrel is out of the barrel, there’s no going back, you don’t know if it hit anyone,” Wayles said. currently.”

Just to see the bullet holes and just think about what it could do,” Wayles added. “Think about what if your children were in the house and a stray bullet came back and accidentally hit one of your children.”

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