Mother-mentor took transgender child out of school because of bullying

Mentor, Ohio (WOIO) — Tight vote on a resolution calling not to expand Title IX protections for transgender students ultimately failed.

“Transgender students have approached me and said they are afraid to go to school because then they come to school after listening to their parents at school board meetings and they know that they will go to school with their children, and then their children come and harass these transgender students in our schools,” said Ann Anderson.

Anderson’s transgender child attended Shore High School.

Days before the board meeting, Anderson said tensions were already escalating.

Her daughter Brady says she was bullied by her classmates for being transgender.

“I wrote to my mother every day, they say, come for me, come for me, and she said no, but one day it got to the point that I felt so bad that I just couldn’t. So my mom said that we can’t pick you up from school every day, if you ask me again, you have to go. I can’t let you be like this anymore,” Brady said.

Anderson decided to call and pick up Brady from the county and send her to another school. Anderson said she wants her child to be in an environment where she is not bullied.

“Trans kids just want to be left alone because they are kids like everyone else,” Anderson said.

19 News has reached out to Mentor Public School board members for comment, but we are still awaiting a response.

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