Meghan Markle Army Tears Apart Joanna Weiss and Politico for Branding Her as Narcissist

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix docuseries is making new records every day in terms of viewership. However, the downside of the hit show has been vile and harsh attacks by royal experts and UK journalists. The Duchess of Sussex has become the favorite target of many people and they are not mincing any words while slamming her. It was only last week that Jeremy Clarkson rocked the world by dreaming of public humiliation for the former American actress.

The English broadcaster was mercilessly trolled for his vulgar comments against Meghan Markle. Now, another journalist has invited massive criticism for distasteful remarks against the Duchess. Joanna Weiss recently published an article named, 2022 Is the Year We All Finally Got Tired of Narcissists. The post written for Politico fetched a lot of attention because of the inclusion of Markle. The writer labeled Markle as a narcissist for giving the idea that “there is no one more in love, no one more socially conscious, and no one more aggrieved” in the docuseries.

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Weiss mentioned Meghan Markle alongside Elon Musk, Kanye West, and Donald Trump

Twitter was not impressed with Joanna Weiss’ thoughts as they slammed the renowned editor for hating on Meghan Markle. The fans were more aggravated with the editor comparing Markle with the likes of Kanye West, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, and Sam Bankman-Fried. A lot of Meghan Markle supporters believe that Duchess’ race is the main reason behind her mention on the list. The fan did not spare Politico as well for giving a platform to Weiss for publishing the article. 

In the post, the English journalist claimed that she had sympathy for Prince Harry and Markle following their exit from the royal family in 2020. However, the Netflix docuseries changed her opinion, and now she feels irritated by the couple. The 50-year-old believes that the Sussexes use attention as currency and ego as fuel. In her opinion, their overreach pushed them to release Harry & Meghan

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Are you supporting the claims made by Joanna Weiss or you are Team Meghan Markle? Let us know your opinion in the comments below. 

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