Man found guilty of renting, not pawning thousands of local rent electronics on property

Circleville – A local company finally gets justice after a theft in 2018.

The allegations came from a local lease-to-own company that dealt with the man through regular deals. According to the report, Edward Blackstone managed to rent 4 computer-related items from Rent 2 Own. An employee at the time stated that they usually limit people to only two high end items, but Edward came and dealt with another clerk after the manager refused.

Items Apple MacBook totaling $120.80 to date worth $1329.99, Apple iMAC Core i5 totaling $17.80 worth $1719.99, XBOX ONE NBA 2K SET totaling $54, $37 to date valued at $619.99 and one Apple MacBook 12″ BASIC total paid to date is $89.46 for a property valued at $1169.99. Total cost $4,839.96.

Investigators found that one of the items, an IMAC Core, was pawned in Cashland on September 26, 2019 for $400, just over a year in which he had the item and did not pay for it.

On January 1, 2020, a theft summons was filed against Blackstone, but a few months later it was dismissed due to a direct charge. In March 2021, Rent to Own received calls asking if payments were made to the store for items with the answer being no.

An arrest warrant was issued for Blackstone and he was arrested by the Circleville Police Department on 8/14/22. He appeared in court this week, found guilty of theft and sentenced to $4,839.96 in damages, an intervention for 3 years.

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