Man charged with contempt of court in murder of family member

LIMA. On Tuesday, a Lima man was convicted of contempt of court for disrupting a trial over the murder of a family member.

Tyrese Morris, 33, sat in the audience in support of DeMarco Morris, who is accused of shooting and killing the 25-year-old shortly after his father was attacked.

During police testimony, Tyrese Morris yawned very loudly, and when the Allen County Sheriff’s Deputy put a hand on his shoulder to tell him to be quiet, he yelled at the man to stop touching him.

Allen County General Claims Judge Terry Colrieser ordered his arrest when he continued to scream. When he stepped out into the hall, he could be heard screaming again.

Kohlrieser said he kicked the metal door of the holding cell, causing a knock that interrupted playback of police body camera footage during the trial.

Tyrese Morris argued and refused to cooperate as he was brought into the courtroom after the trial was adjourned for the evening. He claimed to be “Morris Tyreese here on behalf of Tyreese Morris” and repeatedly interrupted Colriser.

“I didn’t interrupt your courtroom,” Tyrese Morris told Colriser and accused her of threatening him when she asked him to shut up and let her speak.

Morris turned down the show.

A video call was arranged for the person with the muted microphone to be informed of the charges against him and his rights, while not constantly interrupting Colreiser. He then changed his mind and decided to be represented by public defender Kenneth Stergill.

When Coleriser explained the reason for his disrespect for the video call, Tyrese Morris appeared to scream, but he could not be heard because his microphone was muted. The man turned off the computer several times and disconnected the call.

Tyrese Morris then turned down Sturgeill as a spokesperson because he said he made “too much money” to require his services, Sturgeill said.

After the man cut off the call again, Colrieser continued the hearing to a later date and set bail at $250,000 with house arrest and an ankle monitor. She said that Sturgill would still represent Tyrese Morris in case he changed his mind again.

Morris faces jail time, sanctions preventing him from appearing in the courtroom during the trial, and/or a fine.

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