Leasure found guilty of drug dealing/drug possession in Pickaway County

PICKAWAY – Woman Arrested Multiple Times for Drug Trafficking and Possession Recently Found Guilty

Eliza Lizhe, 49, of Circleville, was charged after nearly a dozen drug dealing charges. During the summer and fall, Leeger had several run-ins with the local Circleville police department, including a search warrant for one of her homes.

Post-arrest entertainment seemed to be able to return to the streets with her bail posted time after time, usually only being away for about a month before being arrested again on trafficking/possession charges. Most of the locals resented that the system could not keep it off the streets.

In December 2022, she was charged and in February she was found guilty of F2 aggravated drug possession and F3 aggravated drug possession. In total, for her crimes, she was sentenced to 5-6 years in a Marysville prison. It is expected to last until 2030.

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